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tablet showing website

As we rapidly approach the end of our first year of trading our website is finally up and running. It’s taken a while and we really do appreciate your patience.

We know from our customers who visit us in-store that they love our products and now we can share our collection of furniture, wall art, rugs, soft furnishings and gifts further afield across the UK.

Many of our customers are in the midst of building or refurbishing properties and the finishing touches are what makes a house, apartment, studio or flat into a home. Some of our customers are locals born and bred (as we do say in these parts) and some have relocated from “up country” to enjoy the quieter, slower pace of life. Our beautiful county of Cornwall has long attracted folk from all across the globe.

Whatever your home décor style we encourage you to embrace it! Filling your home with beautiful items, arranged in the right way, can even help improve your mood and wellbeing.

So where to start?

Well, limiting your pallet (as any trained artist will tell you) is always a good, it helps focus and reduces visual fuss and clutter. As to the colour, well that’s up to you! Whether you want to design a room around the colour of your toaster or favorite tea towel it really is your choice. Always remember to discuss with your partner too, after all you are living in the same space so it’s important that it works for both of you.

chair and colour pallet
Look at the dominant colours and accents you want to incorporate and go from there.

TIP If you have trouble visualising this sort of thing, take a photos of things you like and arrange them as a collage to see if they will work well together.

Next identify your style. We all get drawn to different things because we all have different tastes. Are you someone who loves the opulent, ornate, flamboyancy of a maximalist interior or do you go for cool minimalist look? Once you have decided on your basics you can start to choose those specials items to adorn your home that will bring you pleasure and joy. That said rules are made to be broken so don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit. Go on be brave…

scandi decor
Scandi Style décor

Bold decor
Bold Décor

chair and plant
Industrial and Mid Century Modern Style Vibes

The beauty of having our products available to view and buy online (alongside our shop of course), is that you can take a look around and get an idea of the sort of items that will work well in your home.

Our 3 best starter tips for your home are:

Basics – Keep your basics beautiful and buy the best quality you can afford. Sofas and chairs need to look good, be fit for purpose and of course be comfortable too.

Texture – Use cushions, throws and rugs to mx it up a bit with smooth silky finishes next to soft and fluffy. Indulge your senses.

Let in the light – Mirrors are a great way to reflect light back into any room and natural day light is always best. Choose the lighting that suits your needs for each room. Remember an office or kitchen will need to be well lit for working but a bedroom or lounge can be softer with well place lamps around the room.

However you choose to interior your home be sure to check us out. Our stock is always changing so why not keep up with us on socials too? You can find us on Instagram and Facebook.

Most important of all, when all the decorating, shopping and arranging is done remember to sit back, relax and enjoy your space, large or small.

Need some help with your interior design? Just give us a call we are happy to recommend local Interior Designers 01871 392039 or email

See you soon
Annie and Maude

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